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          The 7th National Conference on American Court Collections
      "A Nation Divided - Court Compliance in a Divided Environment"                        MGM New York New York on the Las Vegas Strip
                                Event Date:​ May 2 - 4, 2023

Virtually every day in schools across America hundreds of thousands of students fix their gaze upon our nation’s flag, place their hand over their hearts and reverently recite the pledge of allegiance. The final sentence and summation of our nation’s pledge of allegiance reads “…one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  Sadly, it is this last sentence and more specifically the “indivisible” portion of this endeared pledge that is being challenged at this moment in history.  Indeed, from gun control, to immigration, to reproductive rights, to the teaching of Critical Race Theory, many believe the nation has not been so divided since the Civil War.

The Nation’s criminal justice system has not gone unscathed by this division.  Many communities in response to civil protest and narratives that placed blame on the criminal justice’s “law and order” approach, rushed to install a more tolerant model in some instances decriminalizing large portions of their criminal code.  However, as crime rates climb and safety on American street has become a primary concern many are questioning the impact of diminished enforcement. One county recently recalled 270,000 traffic warrants as a result of decriminalization even as traffic fatalities are on a record-breaking pace.  So, what happens next?

The 7th National Conference on American Court Collections presented by the Coalition of American Court Collectors (CoACC) and Finvi will bring together some of the nation’s best and brightest to examine this challenging question.  Please consider this your very special invitation to attend this unique and powerful event. This year the conference will be held at the MGM New York New York on the Las Vegas Strip, May 2-4, 2023. Click the top left image to reserve your room by April 7th at $45/night (plus resort fee and tax).  This year’s event will be co-hosted by the 2023 Primary Conference Sponsor, Finvi, adding a leader in collections technology and software solutions. Click on left picture to learn more.  Conference topics will include:


  • ATC (Ability to Comply) Models and Best Practices 

  • The Right to Drive Issue or a Transportation Problem?

  • Do Enforcement Tools Target the Minorities and the Poor?  

  • The Evolving Role of Probation Department in Court Collections and Compliance 

  • Update: The Decriminalization of Nevada in 2023

  • Division and Diversity 

  • The Impact of Diminished Enforcement and Trending Legislation

  • Media and Messaging. Defining Truth.  According to Who?

  • The 2023 Maddie Award.  The only national award for court compliance and collections!

…And, much more!  Besides our new location...This is an event you will not want to miss!  

Complete and email the registration form below for each attendee.  When paying by credit card (you do not need a PayPal account) just click the "Buy Now" button and select pay by debit or credit card for each individual registration.   

Registration Form   

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