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          The 8th National Conference on American Court Collections
                AI Advancing on Courts and Compliance Enforcement
                   MGM New York New York on the Las Vegas Strip
                                 Event Date:​ April 2 - 4, 2024

Did James Cameron, creator of the “Terminator,” get it right in 1984? 
Technology, machines, computers, program
med with the ability to learn,
think, grow. Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Imagine vehicles equipment with smart technology that controls the
vehicle’s speed based on posted speed limits. A model is already being
tested for use in the justice system for habitual speeders. Imagine
rushing out to go to work only to discover you cannot start your vehicle
because of unpaid fines and fees. Some financial institution already use
“kill switches” on vehicle if payments are delinquent.

Imagine receiving a message that you have been cited for a moving
violation while driving in your car to work.  Data in your car is being
captured as to how far you drive, your rate of speed, plus your current
vehicle location. A number of auto insurers already use this technology
offering rate discounts if you allow them to monitor your movements.  
On board cameras, vehicle automatic braking and parking systems, even
“black box” technology similar to what airliners use one day soon will
all be monitored and managed by machines (OnStar &Toyota already do).

The scary part? Use of the technology may be mandatory. Also consider
technological singularity—or the hypothetical future point in time at

which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible,
resulting in unforeseeable consequences for human civilization may
occur as soon as 2029. The question is, how will this fast-moving
development impact court collection and compliance enforcement?

​The 8th National Conference on American Court Collections presented
by the Coalition of American Court Collectors (CoACC) and our 2024
Primary Conference Partner
Avenu, the leader in collections technology
and software solutions, will bring together some of the nation’s best and
brightest to examine this challenging question and more.

In addition to exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence and its
intersection with court collections and compliance enforcement, the
2024 conference will also examine the critical role of probation
departments in the system, the movement to decriminalize low-level
fines and fees, legislative updates from around the Nation, and the latest
technique, technology, and court collection and compliance enforcement
strategies from the experts.

Please consider this your very special invitation to attend this unique and
powerful event. This year the conference will be held at the MGM New
York New York
on the Las Vegas Strip, April 2-4, 2024. Click the top
left image to reserve your room by March
9th at the special conference rate (plus resort fee and tax).  Click on the top left picture to learn more.

Come and be a part of the conversation at the National Conference
American Court Collections.
This year's conference will feature
keynotes from renowned industry experts, as well as informative
workshops and opportunities to network with fellow professionals. Join
us as we discuss some of the most pressing topics of the day. As a
leading voice in court collections and compliance enforcement, the
Coalition of American Court Collectors is committed to identifying and
sharing the latest industry developments and trends that directly impact
what we do. Don
't miss out on the chance to connect with like-minded
professionals and gain valuable insights from experts in the field.


Complete and email the registration form below for each attendee. 

When paying by credit card (you do not need a PayPal account) just
click the Buy Now button and select pay by debit or credit card for
each individual registration.


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