The 2020 5th National Conference on American Court Collections - "Race, Poverty, and Punishment"
Event Dates:​ February 25 - 27, 2020

The Criminal Justice System:  Race, poverty, and punishment now dominate the criminal justice narrative and that narrative is driving a cultural change that is having a significant impact on court collections and compliance in courts around America. The question is, will that impact prove to be positive or negative? 

The 5th National Conference on American Court Collections presented by the Coalition of American Court Collectors will bring together some of the nation’s best and brightest to examine this challenging question.

Informational sessions and topics may include:

  • “Homeless is Not Helpless”

  • Look at Ferguson - 5 years later.

  • “Is Punishment Obsolete?”

  • “Liberty and Justice for Some” …I said what?!?

  • The Color of Justice: Black, White, or Green?

  • Updates: Changes and Challenges from around the Nation

  • Court Collections: Calculating Compliance

  • DL Suspensions and You!

  • The Truth in Messaging, but are we being “Empowered”

  • Compliance: It is collecting with Empowerment, Motivation, and another four-letter word…

  • Several Exciting Case Studies and review of actual cases!

  • The 2020 Maddie Award nominees and celebration!

…And, much more!

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Conference Materials